Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ladies - What Are Your Concerns When It Comes to Women's Self Defense?

I'm conducting a study on what women are, and are not, looking for in a women's self-defense program. Please help me by posting your responses through the comments link at the end of this article, and to insure that we have them should anything happen to the blog, etc., please email them as well.

The reason for my request is that I am putting together several new resources designed just for women on the topic of self-protection for women and girls. Products and services will include ebooks, downloadable directly from the internet; manuals and videos focusing on the issues that bother women the most and tempered with what I know to be true about how assailants attack and brutalize women; articles and special reports about what you can do to keep yourself safe and "off the radar" of attackers, rapists, and muggers; as-well-as live and teleseminar-based presentations that will allow you to learn my methods first-hand and become more confident, powerful and able to control a self-defense encounter with some of the most effective techniques, strategies and tactics ever developed.

As a minimum, please comment on the following - please be sure to match your numbering to this list so that we can follow along on this end. Your comments and input are greatly appreciated. Of course, you need not identify yourself and may limit your response to a comment posted here. However, if you would like to be added to our datebase, email your response to me at survey@warrior-concepts-online.com. Your email address and information will be protected and we never share our database with any third party groups.

Everyone who provides information for this survey (as-well-as who they are) will receive, absolutely free, a special report that I will be writing using the information submitted by you and others concerned about women's self-defense issues. This report will be sold to others outside of the contributing group but will be given away to those who help to create it.


Please answer the following questions, being as honest and detailed as possible. Remember, if you have something to say, regardless of how little you think it will matter, say it. I want to make sure that what I'm offering as help to women about self-defense and personal protection is not only effective and based on real-world statistics, but also something that they will find tremendous benefit in, want to learn from and feel confident in using. So, even if you think it's a little thing, if several hundred other women think it's also a 'little thing' and you all speak up, then - it's not so little is it?

Webmasters and Ezine Publishers: Email to let me know that you would like to offer this survey to your subscriber base and I will allow you to link to this survey from your website. At the end of the survey period, I'll share my findings with you and give you a free copy of the special report.**

** Please remember that the information contained in this blog is protected by federal and international copyright laws. It may not be used, copied, reprinted, transmitted or adapted without the express, written consent of Jeffrey M. Miller and Warrior Concepts International. The data provided through any joint venture will be yours to do with as you please; however, the special report may not be used in violation of copyright laws.


Okay, now that that's over - let's begin...

1. Have you ever participated in a martial arts or self-defense course, program or class? If yes, please complete the following questions.
If not, skip to #2.

1a. If so, do you know it's name?

1b. How long was the program that you participated in and did you complete it?

1c. What did you like or find most useful in the program?

1d. What did you dislike or feel was missing from the program?

1e. How did you hear about the program?

1f. How much did you pay for the course/class/etc?

2. Do you have books, videos, etc. on the subject of self-defense in general and/or women's self-defense specifically?
(If "yes", please answer the following questions - if not, please proceed to #3)

2a. What books, magazines, etc. have you purchased or aquired on the subject?

2b. What do you like or find useful in them?

2c. What do you dislike or feel is missing from them?

2d. On average, how much have you spent, or would you spend on a book or video about women's self-defense?

2e. Have you ever purchased an ebook or other internet-based informational product on this subject? Regardless of your answer, how likely are you to purchase one if it had what you were looking for?

3. Have you, or any group that you're affiliated with, ever sponsored or hosted a women's self-defense program, seminar, workshop, or series of on-going classes?

3a. Would you consider doing so as a way to help those in your community to be more safe and secure?

4. How confident are you in your ability to defend yourself in a general self-defense situation
(punching/slapping, mugging, etc.)?

5. How confident are you in your ability to stop a rape attempt?

6. How serious are you about learning how to keep yourself safe from predators and others who might try to harm you?

7. What is/are you greatest concern(s) when it comes to womens self defense issues? In other words - "what scares you the most" when you think about being attacked?

8. Are you a parent?
(If "no", please skip to #9)

8a. Do you have (a) daughter(s) that you're concerned about?

8b. How old is/are she/they?

8c. What scares you most about what they might have to deal with now and as they grow up and move out into the world?

9. Thinking about this subject, what thoughts would you like to add to help us to understand your thoughts, feelings and concerns about womens self defense that we have not already asked you for?


Thank you very much. Remember to bookmark this page and check back here often to see what others are saying.

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Peace and Happiness,

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
Founder and Director
Warrior Concepts International

"Master Your Self - Master Your Life!"

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